Digital Signage
Create innovative marketing campaigns that target and engage audiences.

Engaging Digital Signage Tailored For Your Business

Whether you are looking to create Menu Boards, communicate with your employees, show social media posts, feature local weather, news, and current events... It is all available in a secure cloud-based platform.

Improve customers' in-store experience while sharing consistent marketing messages across locations.
Add customer experience to your menu with live social media, sports, and digital menus.
Broadcast clinic services, Doctor bio’s, and Practice information
Share HR updates, company bulletins, and notifications
Enhance the guest experience, share promotions, and build your brand.
Distribute campus news, faculty announcements, and class schedules


Create Innovative Marketing Campaigns That Target and Engage Audiences. Digital Signage is An Excellent Way To Build Brand Awareness.

Digital Menu

Bring Your Menu to Life

Affordable and easy to use. When you go digital, it becomes a flexible and dynamic display designed to inform, entice and increase check averages.

★ Easily Add New Menu Offerings or Adjust Pricing

★ Maintain Brand Consistency

★ Reduce Perceived Wait Times & Enhance Customer Experience

★ Devices Auto Update Display Through WiFi and Cloud Server

★ Automate Display Based on Time, Season & Audience

★ Perfect Solution for Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Bars, Waiting rooms, Events, Exhibitions, etc.

Tabletop Display

Powerful, Easy to Use, Affordable Advertising

★ Double 8” HD 1080p Wide Angle LCD Touch Screen

★ Software is Pre-Installed and Configured

★ Remotely Push Image / Video to Devices

★ Devices Auto Update Display Through WiFi and Cloud Server

★ Great Solutions for Table Advertising and Phone Charging

★ Perfect Solution for Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Bars, Weddings, Waiting rooms, Events, Exhibitions, etc.

Endless Possibliites

Video Wall

Endless Possibilities

Whether you’re a global brand, a small business, or somewhere in between, video walls are an unforgettable way to captivate and elevate the customer experience like never before.

★ Increase Customer Engagement

★ Video Wall Systems Have Higher Resolution and Superior Brightness

★ Video Walls Provide Unprecedented Versatility

★ Multiple Content Streams

★ Flexible Interactive Presentations

★ Perfect Solution for Restaurants, Hotels, Night Clubs, Exhibitions, Corporate, etc.

That's What's UP Marketing offers an online content management platform that’s fast, reliable and scalable. We can create, schedule, and change content on the fly at a single location or across your entire network.
Content Management
Custom dynamic content, digital menu boards, video walls, kiosks and touch-screen displays, our team can transform the way customers see your business.
Schedule, Manage, and Change Content
Get some time back to focus on other things. We can create, schedule, and manage your content for you.
Strategy & Project Management
Let us help create content that impacts your audience. We can help you create your implementation strategy and ensure it aligns to exceed your digital signage goals.
Key Metrics & Analytics
Measure your ROI with key stats. We provide attributes like location, screen name, impressions, timestamps, number of plays, and playlists associated.
How It Works

Digital Signage Advantages

Use weather, traffic maps, and world clock apps to bring your screens to life, or promote your business with social apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Google reviews, etc.
Schedule your content for different times of day, for certain weeks, or special events.
Proof of Play
Gain real-time insight into your content playback.
Create custom playlists by combining any content from images and videos to apps.
Works Offline
Content is downloaded to your devices to save network bandwidth, and your screens will work even with an intermittent internet connection.
Kiosk Mode
Play your content when a user touches the screen, you can load a website so a user can interact with it.

Digital Advertising Truck (coming soon)

Make Them Stop and Stare

Drive your marketing message and create a lasting impression. Digital billboard advertising trucks help you reach your audience.

★ Eye Catching and Attention Grabbing

★ Cost Effective; Lowest Cost Per Impression

★ Target Specific Markets / Areas

★ Amplify Brand Awareness and Messaging

★ Engaging Interactive Presentations

Digital Advertising Truck

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